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There comes a time in any artist’s life when he has to recognize that a particular project has reached its end. Alice always meant a lot to me. That’s why I constantly fought with the struggle of providing content to this site and the story. But, the truth is, I just don’t have it in me any more. I don’t want to bog this post down with too much chatter, but if you want to learn more about the journey and this decision, checkout my blog over at my website.

Without further ado, here’s the script for the remainder of of the story Little Alice: The Forces of Evil:

Alice is then seen running through a hallway.

MEDIUM: Alice is running through the hallway much like her run through the street when she initially escaped.

Alice darts by a line of lockers.

WIDE: There is a three-way intersection with a hallway and the cafeteria. Alice enters from the right, sliding through the intersection we see her backside.

The cafeteria is empty, save for a few students. The most that is seen are round tables and their chairs.

EXTREME CLOSE UP: Cecelia is smiling

I knew you couldn’t resist, sister.

MEDIUM: Cecelia holds an unknown girl by the back of the neck
Cecelia has a tight grip and holds onto the girl firmly.

Just couldn’t stay away from the action, could you?
Father made us that way.

MEDIUM CLOSE UP: Alice looks upset
Alice is clenching her fists.

No one holds a controller to me!

CLOSE UP: cecelia’s face
Cecelia’s face tightens.

You’re underestimating your importance as a play thing.

MEDIUM: Cecelia’s hand tightens more on the girl who is now bleeding.

Please… Help….

MEDIUM CLOSE UP: Alice braces herself for a fight

Enough! (Alice is then cut off)

MEDIUM: Cecelia’s face Is Fully contorted

Alice, h-help me…

I’m growing tired of this game.

MEDIUM CLOSE UP: The unknown Girl’s head
Cecelia breaks the girl’s neck.

I’m ready for a new toy.

WIDE: The span of the cafeteria is seen with the unknown Girl’s body centered in frame. Alice and Cecelia are on either third

My toys are always breaking.

MEDIUM CLOSE UP: The Unknown Girl’s face, her eyes have lolled back

It’s a shame isn’t it? Just like Mr. Snake, and Brother Nate.

MEDIUM CLOSE UP: Alice’s face has twisted into her “feral form”

Oh, is something wrong, sister?

WIDE: Alice lunges to punch cecelia in the face

I don’t have a sister!

(Now bear with me here. I’m going to break this down in a block of text and I may have to work out the shots later for paneling.)
Cecelia, unmoving, catches the sailing punch. She snickers. It is clear that she is far more powerful than Alice, in spite of Alice’s great speed. While holding Alice’s fist, Cecelia sucker punches Alice straight in the stomach. Such an attack should render her useless, but her feral state suppresses the pain. Alice reels backward.
Cecelia laughs, “You’re fast, I’m stronger.”
Alice, “Not to mention, uglier.”
Cecelia is angered by the comment and leaps violently toward Alice. To showcase her speed, Alice catches Cecelia, using her foot, Alice tumbles and flips her, crashing her onto a table. As Alice moves toward the table, Cecelia grabs her head between both feet. Violently twisting, Cecelia brings Alice to the floor and rights herself.
Alice writhes on the floor and Cecelia steps over her and grabs her by the throat. Cecelia lifts Alice, who seems rather defeated.
Cecelia seems angered, “You know, sis-”
Alice cuts her off, “Don’t you ever shut up!?” She then claws across Cecelia’s face, cutting her from above one eye and across the mouth.
Cecelia drops Alice and reels backward, clutching her face. She screams, “Bitch!”
Alice does not hesitate and comes in low for two quick gut punches. Cecelia buckles, but only slightly. Cecelia returns them with a firm backhand across Alice’s face that tosses her again. It is now clear that Cecelia is bleeding profusely.
Cecelia, “You’re no fun to play with, big sis’.”
While Alice is getting to her feet, Cecelia smashes a table across Alice’s face and sends her sailing, head first, into a pillar. The pillar cracks, and Alice falls in a lump on the floor. Her eyes are barely open, her face bruised and bleeding, the last thing she sees before blacking out is Cecelia’s mad face with a twisted smile.

DOCTOR SCOTT’S LAB: Decanting and Programming Room
This is a much different room from where Alice was held when she went in before. It is the Decanting and Programming room. This is the room in which Doctor Scott grows and programs the mechanized organisms he creates. Alice was created here. We start at a computer just outside the room, separated by a door and a window.

MEDIUM: Cecelia is looking in a mirror

I don’t see why I couldn’t just kill her.
(She is unhappy that she was wounded)
I mean, just look what she did to my face! It’s unacceptable.

MEDIUM: Over Doctor Scott’s shoulder who is toiling on a computer

I can’t have all of my children getting torn to bits out there. I’m proud of you, Cecelia, you brought her back for reprogramming.

MEDIUM: Doctor Scott with his arm around cecelia

Plus, my, dear, you’re healing right quick.

CLOSE UP: tilting down from unknown equipment

Make this a couple of panels or more.

MEDIUM CLOSE UP: Alice opens her eyes
Her head is being held by a metal cap with wires sticking out of it. She appears exhausted.

MEDIUM: Doctor Scott shoves his face into Alice’s
She is nude and her arms are crossed over her chest. Doctor Scott is on the right.

Good to see you’re awake!
(He has a great big smile)

And I was hoping I wouldn’t have to see your miserable mug again.
(She is annoyed/sarcastic)

MEDIUM: Doctor Scott begins to ramble

When you visited last, I was hoping we could talk. But, you seem to have a knack for running away.
(New bubble)
Unfortunately, I had to bring you here instead of reasoning with you.

MEDIUM CLOSE UP: Alice, attempting to move
She cannot move her limbs.

(She struggles to move [have fun drawing that somehow!])
Afraid I’ll tear your face off too?

MEDIUM: Doctor Scott Cont.

I cannot afford damaging you, my dear. You can’t escape because you are jacked into my new and improved programming station. What a shame it was, having you destroy the original on the night of your birth.
(New bubble)
But I digress.
(New bubble)
I need you conscious to perform the reprogramming. You just hang in there and enjoy the ride!

MEDIUM CLOSE UP: Alice is plotting

Just wait until I get down from here…
(She mumbles)

WIDE: Doctor Scott passes Cecelia as he heads back to the computer
He passes her on the left. She faces the viewer, Alice’s POV.

CLOSE UP: Doctor Scott whispers to Cecelia

I need to run a diagnostic exam on her condition before I can initiate the reprogramming. You can play with her to keep her busy, Cecelia.

CLOSE UP: Cecelia smiles wickedly

MEDIUM: Cecelia is face to face with Alice
Alice is on the left, and Cecelia on the right, like with Doctor Scott.

Pretty face.
(She’s sour)

(Still smiling wickedly)
Yours too… Think I’ll smash it.

MEDIUM CLOSE UP: a set of speakers with a warning light
The warning light is illuminated and spinning.

Intruders detected on the first floor. Immediate security risk. High level.

MEDIUM: Doctor Scott is torn from his work on the computer

What in blazes it it now?

(Probably transition to a new panel.)
(Doctor Scott shifts to a different monitor with an intercom.)

Bring up the security cameras. Let me see who’s got the death wish.

CLOSE UP: The monitor
Dylan is seen on the monitor, he is wearing an earpiece.

MEDIUM CLOSE UP: Doctor Scott is outraged
Doctor Scott reels with tension.

It’s those idiotic punks that took my Alice!

MEDIUM: Cecelia is torturing Alice
We see Alice from the front, Cecelia is almost caressing her, on the right. Alice’s right eye (on the left) already has a bleeding wound scraped across it, from the forehead to the cheek. Cecelia is dragging a claw across Alice’s left cheek.

(Trying to remain resilient)
Dylan is coming, you’re going to pay.

Daddy’s men will dispatch him in moments, sweet sister.

MEDIUM: Doctor Scott back at the intercom
Depressing the button to speak.

What are you waiting for? Kill them!


CTS: Lobby, Stairs, Boiler
The lobby is empty and the lights have been shut off, save for the emergency lights and the warning lights. Dylan, Brandon, and Adam are in the lobby, having just knocked out the receptionist and one guard. They each have earpieces to communicate with Chase who is at a computer in Dylan’s bedroom.

MEDIUM: Chase at the computer
There are posters on the wall. One similar to Sockbaby, another representing Live. He has an alien toy on his desk.

All right, Dylan, you guys will need to make it up the stairs, the elevators have been disabled. Be careful.

WIDE: Dylan, Brandon, and Adam in the lobby
The three are listening to their orders. Dylan is closest to viewer, then Adam, then Brandon. Brandon is near the receptionist and guard who are slumped together on the table.

I still wish we had used codenames like Night Hawk, or Epoch, or something.

If the stairs are our only route, we’ll have to be careful. They’ll be narrow.

And our powers aren’t all that super.

Your names are fine, let’s just pray you three get to her in time.

WIDE: Dylan and Co. are ascending a staircase
This should be a long narrow panel. Attempt to get some interesting perspective, making it look like quite a trek. Don’t forget that it’s dark! Only a few lights and warning lights. Try to include a door for the boiler room. Also, there’s a pipe just ahead of the gang.

Thanks, Adam, for getting me set up with these cameras. I can now see the building’s surveillance cameras.

Good news, any activity?

MEDIUM: over the shoulder, Chase
Chase thrusts herself forward, seeing that there’s a team of guards descending the stairs.

There’s a horde of soldiers or whatever coming right at you!
(The previous bubble may bridge two panels.)

MEDIUM: a group of four guards
There’s a nasty looking group of guards head on. They carry batons, one has a hidden pistol.

CLOSE UP: Dylan, “wombat face”
Dylan is clearly surprised.

Well, gosh.

For some reason, serious fights are not easy for me to plug through script style, so here’s another block of text:
Two guards come at Dylan, another facing Brandon; the last facing Adam. (I think I’m going to get really quick and loose here, bear with me)
Panel: Dylan ducks one horizontal swing.
Panel: Brandon manages an uppercut on his foe. Disarming the guard, baton falling down the stair shaft.
Panel: Dylan takes a good underhand swing to the chin, throwing him.
Side Panel: He lands on his back at the foot of the boiler room door.
Panel: Adam jumps and does a pullup on the pipe and narrowly avoids a horizontal strike. Brandon’s foe can be seen getting back up.
Panel: Dylan looks up to see the door. It says “Boiler”
Then, Dylan, on his feet, get’s into the boiler room. He calls for Brandon and Adam. Brandon enters, followed by the guards. Adam switches his hold on the pipe to face the door, swings, and lands atop his opponent, dazing him severely. Adam then heads into the boiler room.
In the room are two large boilers and pipes running across the ceiling, a few coming up from the floor. The first thing seen is a mop and broom leaning against the wall. (Cleaning tools are our best weapons, Dylan and Brandon are glorified janitors, of course) The room is dimly lit, heavy shadows.
Panel: Brandon thrusts the broom and mop sticks back, past his shoulders, beaning two guards in the forehead.
Panel: Dylan attempts to punch the unarmed guard, but it’s blocked.
Panel: Brandon throws the mop to Adam. They now have the two armed guards, and one unarmed, between them.
Panel: Dylan takes a hard right hook to the face, he falls out of frame, assumed KO’d.
Panel: Brandon now faces two armed guards. He jabs one guard in the gut, KO’ing him.
Panel: Returning to the stairs, the dazed guard begins to get up.
Panel: Back the boiler room, Adam takes a diagonal, underhand, swing at the unarmed guard and beats him across the face. KO.
Panel: Back to Brandon, who takes a horizontal swing and Ko’s the last armed guard.
Panel: Brandon and Adam high-five each other, proud with their survival skills. Before they can say anything, a click is heard.
Panel: The guard from outside stands between them and the door, holding a pistol.
Panel: A close up of a big wrench on a pipe, a hand grasps it’s handle.
Panel: Long and narrow, looking down the barrel of the gun to the face of the guard. “Say goodnight,” he says.
Panel: (Try to make this the first panel of the next page) Text jumps through the panel, “CRACK”. The wrench meets the back of the guard’s head. KO
Panel: The gun goes off, missing Adam and Brandon, whizzing into a pipe.
Panel: Close up of the damaged pipe reading “GAS”.

MEDIUM: Dylan looking down, holding the wrench

Goodnight, Dingdong.
(He attempts to say heroically)

MEDIUM: Same Shot looking at Brandon and Adam
Dylan is now at ease.

You guys okay?

MEDIUM: Brandon and Adam, still holding their weapons

Yeah, thanks.

Thank goodness.
(Chase says from their earpieces, which they wore on opposite ears)

DOCTOR SCOTT’S LAB: Decanting and Programming Room
Doctor Scott is still at the computer, the diagnostic exam is nearly finished. The warning lights are still spinning, but none of the power has been cut in this area.
Doctor Scott is watching patiently at his monitor.

MEDIUM: We see him from behind the monitor, facing him

Gas leak detected in the boiler room.

CLOSE UP: Fury Explodes on Doctor Scott’s face

CLOSE UP: Doctor Scott’s finger depresses the button again

Where is everyone? Why don’t I have a confirmation that those three are ready to be bagged and incinerated?

MEDIUM CLOSE UP: Doctor Scott ducks
He is rattled as a slamming sound explodes behind him.

WIDE: Dylan, Adam, and Brandon have burst through the door
They each still have their weapons.

The jig is up, Doctor Weird-enstein!
(He shouts heroically)

MEDIUM: Doctor Scott
He looks far more together, and is smiling. The door to the programming room can be seen over his shoulder on the right.

Gentlemen, please. Call me Doctor Scott.

He looks concerned.

What have you done with Alice?

MEDIUM: Doctor Scott

She is secure. How could I harm my little girl?

CLOSE UP: Doctor Scott

Would you like to see her, Dylan?

MEDIUM: The trio (Dylan centered)
The three look surprised.


MEDIUM: The door to the Programming room
The silhouette of Alice on the programming machine is seen through the doorway.

She’s just beyond this door.

MEDIUM: Doctor Scott and Dylan
Dylan walks past Doctor Scott on the right. We see Dylan’s back. Doctor Scott is smiling and gesturing for him to pass.

Don’t mind if I do.

MEDIUM: Narrow low shot, from controls up to Doctor Scott
Doctor Scott presses a button and continues smiling.

Now, Brandon, Adam….
(New bubble)
You have some explaining to do.

WIDE: interior of the programming room, Darkened now that the door is shut
Dylan’s body is twisted at his waist. (He’s holding the wrench) He was proceeding inward and turned to see the door abruptly slam. BONPF!

CLOSE UP: Alice, tilted up at her slightly (Dylan POV)
Her head is hanging between her crossed arms. She is clearly showing the cut across her right eye, another across the left cheek, clawing a her shoulders and a bruised left eye, and bloody nose. She is still, her eyes just barely open.

MEDIUM CLOSE UP: Dylan, tilted down to him (Alice POV)
He looks very worried.

Alice! What did they do to you?

CLOSE UP: Alice, Tilt Cont.
Tears now roll from her eyes, but she hasn’t moved.

Dylan… It’s not safe.

MEDIUM: cecelia and Dylan, Cecelia on the left
Cecelia has stepped forward, still well shadowed. Dylan looks spooked, chills have run down his spine. He is stalwart, but his eyes look directly to Cecelia.

It so seldom is.
(She says coldly)

MEDIUM: Adam and Brandon
The two are inquisitive.

How do you know our names?

MEDIUM: Doctor Scott
Still smiling.

I’ve learned just about everything, digging through Alice’s memories.
(New Bubble)
But I’m just not sure how you knew to come here.

MEDIUM: Adam and Brandon Cont.

A close friend saw the attack in the cafeteria.

The culprit was obvious.

(Over the earpieces)
I’ve never seen someone die before.

MEDIUM: Doctor Scott Cont.
Still smiling.

Such good friends!
(New Bubble)
It’s a shame she’ll have to kill you when I’m through with her.

MEDIUM: Brandon and Doctor Scott, narrow, horizontal
Brandon, from the right, punches Doctor Scott in the nose, breaking a lens in his goggles.

MEDIUM: Doctor Scott, dutch angle, recoiling
Doctor Scott recoils and catches himself on the computer, he rotates to face it.

MEDIUM CLOSE UP: Doctor Scott’s hunched back
Doctor Scott starts clacking at the computer rapidly.

MEDIUM: Brandon
He is crossing his arms holding his staff.

Nothing left to say, coward?

MEDIUM CLOSE UP: Doctor Scott’s hunched back Cont.
The clacking has stopped.

Just one thing…

MEDIUM CLOSE UP: Doctor Scott and the computer
Doctor Scott has spun around quickly, holding a large knife in his hands. The screen says “10 Minutes”. He is smiling horribly.

What colors are your insides?

WIDE: Inside the Programming chamber
Alice is centered, Dylan is on the left, Cecelia on the right. Dylan and Cecelia are glancing up. A speaker on the wall makes an announcement.

10 minutes until detonation.

Kill them both if you have to!

Cecelia smiles, crossing her arms.

MEDIUM: Cecelia Over the shoulder
Dylan does not hesitate and clocks her in the head with the wrench, sending her twirling to the floor. He looks serious.

MEDIUM: Adam and Doctor Scott, narrow, horizontal
Adam, on the left, dodges a hasty, horizontal, knife stab from Doctor Scott.

MEDIUM: Brandon over the shoulder
Doctor Scott brings the knife crashing down, cutting through the staff that Brandon attempts to block with.

CLOSE UP: Brandon’s midsection
Brandon gut kicks Doctor Scott, sending him backward.

MEDIUM: Adam and Doctor Scott, narrow, horizontal
Doctor Scott whizzes past Adam, from left to right. Along the way, Doctor Scott’s knife rakes across Adams right midsection.

CLOSE UP: Adam’s torso
A large cut in his shirt reveals a bleeding flesh wound.

Adam buckles and bends over, dropping his staff.

MEDIUM: Adam and Doctor Scott
Adam is bent over in pain on the left, and Doctor Scott, on the right, is crouching, getting back to his feet. He is glaring at Adam, brandishing the knife. Doctor Scott is chuckling and disheveled.

CLOSE UP: Brandon’s hand
Brandon seizes Doctor Scott’s wrist.

MEDIUM: Doctor Scott and Brandon Narrow, vertical
Brandon, on the right. violently headbutts Doctor Scott. KO

MEDIUM: Cecelia, back on her feet
Cecelia adjusts herself after having gotten back to her feet. Her hat is missing, and her tail and ears are finally revealed. She’s a cat too! Also, she has no apparent damage on her face.

Dylan is quite surprised.

You’re a cat, too…

Her face is sadistic. She is bearing her claws.

MEDIUM: Dylan and Cecelia, narrow, Horizontal
Dylan, on the left, barely dodges a downward, diagonal, swipe of Cecelia’s claws. They tear his shirt.

Were you expecting a dog?

MEDIUM: Dylan and Cecelia, no panel borders
Dylan receives a kick to his left cheek, whipping his face toward the viewer. Cecelia is balanced on one leg.

WIDE: Dylan slides across the floor
Dylan goes sliding.

MEDIUM: Cecelia and alice
Cecelia is looking up at Alice who is still crying quietly. This mirrors the prior of Alice on the left.

I’m about to break another toy.

FULL: Dylan hunched
Dylan hunches, as he gets back up, clutching to the wrench. His shirt is torn and his cheek is bruised and bleeding. He is wincing.

Stay away from her!

WIDE: Adam and Brandon and doctor scott
On the left. Adam is on the left, at the computer, clutching his side. He has been wrapped with Doctor Scott’s lab coat. It is saturated with blood.
Brandon is just right of center, trying to pry the door open. his forehead is scraped and slightly bloody.
Doctor Scott lays at the very right, unconscious.

It wont budge!
(New Bubble)
How’s that lab-coat-bandage holding up?

MEDIUM: Adam, front view, over the monitor
He is trying to focus on the computer, still clutching the wound.

It’s going to have to do.
(New Bubble)
Everything here is pretty heavily encrypted. I’m trying to get the door opened, but…. Oh!

CLOSE UP: Brandon
Unhappily surprised.

What is it?

MEDIUM: Adam front view, over the monitor Cont.
Wide eyed.

The bomb. The bomb is Alice!
(New Bubble)
I stopped a reprogramming sequence, but I’ll have to find a way to stop the countdown, or get her unhooked from the machine.
(New Bubble)
We don’t have any other options.

MEDIUM: Dylan and Cecelia, narrow, horizontal
Cecelia, on the right, is holding Dylan by his right forearm, he was swinging the wrench. They glance up and hear Adam over the intercom. Adam’s last two bubbles overlap into the panel.
Medium close up: Cecelia breaks Dylan’s arm
Using her knee, Cecelia breaks his arm with a CRACK and he drops the wrench.

WIDE: Cecelia, Dylan, and Alice
Cecelia pulls on his wounded arm and turns him, crashing onto the floor on his knees before Alice. He let’s out a scream.


MEDIUM: Cecelia glancing up at Alice, Alice POV

5 minutes remaining.

So sorry, sis.

MEDIUM: Dylan, Cecelia POV
Dylan is in a sorry lump on the floor.


MEDIUM CLOSE UP: Dylan, from behind Cecelia’s legs
Cecelia kicks him in the ribs.


I was so hoping you’d get to see her die.
(Bubble bridges next panel)

MEDIUM: Cecelia and Dylan, Cecelia POV
Cecelia brings him up to her level by his neck. He is barely conscious. His neck is bleeding from her claws. She holds him with her left hand.

But you break too easily.
(Bubble may be attached to the previous one)

MEDIUM: Cecelia and Dylan
Cecelia on the right, attempts to punch Dylan in the temple, but her wrist is caught by an off-screen hand.

MEDIUM: Adam over the monitor
Adam, though wounded, is excited.

(New Bubble)
Couldn’t crack the timer, but… let’s see about that door.

Her head is finally lifted, she is in Feral Form.

Put him down.

Dylan slumps into a pile on the floor.

MEDIUM: Alice and Cecelia Narrow, Horizontal
Alice is now level with Cecelia, still holding her arm. She is free of the machine. Alice has pushed close to Cecelia who is on the far left of the panel. The way Alice is shifted, her left shoulder is back (shoulders have gouges, don’t forget!) tugging on Cecelia’s arm. Her docking ports are visible and free.

Alice, you’re free!

MEDIUM: Alice’s full backside
Alice uppercuts Cecelia, sending her sailing. Her tail and ears are bushed up.

WIDE: Cecelia
Cecelia skids to a stop with her claws grinding into the floor. Her head is down.

Cecelia is in Feral Form now. Head now up, she looks as twisted as possible.

WIDE: Alice and cecelia
Alice, on the left, is launched at by Cecelia. Cecelia is coming in swinging.

Alice jumps, she leaps over Cecelia, who misses a power hit.

Cecelia is now on the left, and Alice grabs her by the back of the shirt, and swings her, to bring her back to the right.

Alice has turned Cecelia, ripping her shirt, exposing Cecelia’s docking ports. Alice attempts to punch Cecelia between them to bring her down.

MEDIUM: Cecelia and Alice
Cecelia grabs Alice’s punching wrist and flips Alice over, throwing her a ways.

MEDIUM: Alice, Narrow, Vertical
Alice slides, she is not far from Dylan and the machine.

MEDIUM: Cecelia and Alice, low, almost over Alice’s shoulder
Cecelia kicks Alice in the ribs.

Tear my shirt…

Alice gets tossed back a few more feet, closer to the machine.

MEDIUM: Cecelia and Alice, over Cecelia’s shoulder, Angle down
Cecelia, on the left, left hooks Alice in the face as Alice tries to get up.


MEDIUM CLOSE UP: Cecelia, low angle, Alice POV
Cecelia smiles wickedly, still feral. She is winding up a right jab.

WIDE: Adam, Brandon, and Doctor Scott
Adam has successfully opened the door. The door swings inward with a CLICK. Brandon stands back, reassured. Doctor Scott is still face down on the floor.


Chase, pulling through in a pinch!
(New Bubble)
Oh, so the countdown is meaningless unless there is someone in the machine.
(Bubble crosses into the next panel over the intercom)

MEDIUM: Cecelia, Very Narrow, Horizontal
She glances over her shoulder to the open door. Alice’s arms come in from the bottom and right, about to grab Cecelia.

2 minutes until detonation.

MEDIUM: Alice and Cecelia
Alice, crossing to the left, turns Cecelia to slam her back into the machine.

MEDIUM: Cecelia, Alice POV
Cecelia hooks into the machine with a THUD and screams.


(Over the intercom)
I don’t seem able to immobilize her, but she’s locked in.

MEDIUM: Alice and Brandon
Alice, on the left, gestures over to Brandon who is running toward her.

Get Dylan out of here!

CLOSE UP: Cecelia’s back, side view
Cecelia pulls to the left and unbinds the large docking cables that are attached to he back from the rest of the machine with a SNAP.

MEDIUM: Alice and Cecelia, Large
Alice is rocked backward by Cecelia lunging forward at her. She grabs Cecelia’s hands by interlacing their fingers. Alice braces herself, one leg forward, one back. Cecelia roars over the top of the panel.


Now Brandon!

MEDIUM: Brandon with Dylan
Brandon is running with Dylan in his arms. He still has some blood on his forehead.

WIDE: Adam, Brandon, Dylan, and Doctor Scott
Adam has turned a bit, with his hands still on the keyboard. Brandon is carrying Dylan and running through the doorway, Doctor Scott is still down on the floor.

No time! We have to move now!

MEDIUM: Cecelia and Alice
Cecelia has Alice pushed toward the left of the panel, the big cables in Cecelia’s back are apparent.

MEDIUM: Security camera view
The staircase. The trio are headed down the stairs. Brandon is carrying Dylan still. There is a security HUD on these panels.

MEDIUM: Cecelia and Alice
Alice, on the right, has now pushed Cecelia well into the left. Alice is crying.


MEDIUM: Security Camera view
The trio are seen exiting the building.

(The 2 and the 1 are seen escaping the panel.)

WIDE: Security Camera view, no boarders, large
The CTS building explodes, rupturing in two spots, near the top and center.

ENDING: Dylan’s Apartment: Two pages

MEDIUM: Chase and Adam
Chase and Adam sit at Dylan’s computer. Chase is on the left, at the keyboard, slightly behind Adam. Adam has a pair of studio headphones around his neck. They both are somber and frowning.

There’s nothing, Dylan.

I’m sorry. We’ve watched the recordings for a few days.
(New Bubble)
Aside from the encrypted files, we have no information on Alice.
(New Bubble)
She’s gone.

Dylan is in a wheelchair. He is bruised around his left eye with light bandaging. There is heavy gauze on his neck. His right arm is in a cast and his chest is heavily bandaged as well. There is a blanket pulled up his midsection a bit. He is exhausted, disheveled, and merely frowns. His eyes are welled up.

WIDE: Brandon and Dylan, large
Brandon is pushing Dylan’s wheel chair over a grassy hill. The sun is setting.

Is there anything you need right now?

Just give me a few minutes, please.

FINAL PAGE: All Silhouette
Dylan is perched on a small knoll. The grass, and his hair, is blown a little and there is snow in the air. He is rested back in the wheelchair.

Alice, won’t you please come home.