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I drew a picture of eyes and mouths. Once again this is a detour into how I build a character. Yesterday I covered heads, and primarily neck structure. Today I am going into some expressions. All of these would be conceivable eyes and mouths for Alice.

Let’s start with eyes. The best structure to base these on is the circle or oval. A great practice tool is to draw circles and ovals repeatedly, freely, allowing your arm to be led by the elbow and shoulder, not the wrist. Move gently, but quickly, and you will have some fantastic circles. When a desired expression has been determined, draw a circle or oval that suits the general shape and the size, as well as placement, of the eyes. I like to define strong eyeliner and eyelashes with Alice, it makes her more unique.

Drawing irises and pupils can be an aesthetic choice. I often draw them as one black mass with highlights. Define highlights by first knowing where your lights would hit the character, in this instance, the light source is above and to the right of the eyes. Regardless of how you draw them, your irises, pupils, and all around eye shape can denote emotion much in the same way mouth shapes can.

Drawing mouths is a similar task. I can typically define them with ellipses or curved lines. Once again, determine the shape, placement, and size with a line or shape. Then build around them. Lately, I have discovered that I prefer to define lips, doing so brings a greater depth to the character.

All of these techniques help me grow and develop. What do you do when you draw facial structures?



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