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Good Monday, if you can call it one. There was some missed time last week that I better explain. Thanksgiving took Thursday from me, as it took most of you I’m sure. Friday was lost to the fact that all my pages were in Georgia. That is not the case this week. Carrie has made her way home, and with her my pages are back as well. This means that I will start showing off new pages every Friday again.

So what’s on the line-up for this week? Well today, as you may know is just a blog about the upcoming week. How about Tuesday then? Tuesday is inspiration day and I will be revisiting the topic of Doug TenNapel, specifically how he granted me the courage to start a webcomic. It’ll be fascinating. Also, I am dropping some secret news that currently only the Newsletter followers know. (You can sign up for it below this post!)

Wednesday should be a fun time. We are always learning on Wednesdays and I have been covering a few topics on how to draw, specifically characters and figures. This week we will cover the importance of the live model and the horror that is the digital tablet. Perhaps it’s just me but the digital medium is a nightmare that I am trying to tackle.

Thursday will be a fun day that is related to my tablet nightmares. I am going to be reviewing the wonderful program SketchBook Pro 6 . It’s something that I have been playing with for a short while now and it’s exciting. As much I am intimidated by the tablet, I hope to get better skills with this program as it holds possibilities for the future.

How about Friday? Friday you will be witness to something the world has never seen before. Your eyes will have the first opportunity to gaze upon a brand new, never before seen, page of Little Alice! Get ready for that to finally become a regular occurrence. After months of attempts I feel that this is the one that will get it off the ground.

So there it is. That’s this week’s schedule. It feels nice to have a a rhythm to start with. Now that I know where the week is going, each blog should be polished and more successful than the ones I had done previously. In the past I had struggled to come up with topics each day, now it isn’t hardly an issue. Although I am prepared to make higher quality postings, I would still like to ask a few things of you. Are there any Wednesday or Thursday topics that you would like to see? These would be art lessons and product reviews. Here’s something to think about. If you can drive my product reviews you may actually be able to persuade me to buy things I may not have considered. Hey if you have a product, shoot it my way and I’ll play with it!


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