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Today marks the beginning of a sketch trend. Even though I am going to be sketching a certain subject, please remember that you can suggest subjects at any time. (Leave a comment, or even email me at thedylanjacobson@gmail.com) The subject that I am going to work on for the next week is heads. If the project seems like it needs to go on longer, I will extend it.

What is today’s head? If you know anything about this website and the comic it is structured around, you’ll recognize this as a rendition of Alice. I drew this picture well over a year ago when Alice was still a concept. As I have said before, the birth of Alice was due to my first watching of Buffy, the Green Lantern, and the lack of any artistic output. Though this is an old image, it was positively not the first picture I had drawn of her.

When I started I spent time day dreaming about what she would be, what she could be. After days of brainstorming I decided I needed to draw her. Drawing her would bring me closer to the concept and make the idea more concrete. I had no idea how she was going to look on paper. After a few sketches, I scoured through images and artists online, especially ones I knew and I liked. I spent a lot of time intimidated. Even more, I spent time copying. Eventually, she started to look like what you see above.

There are a lot of things that have changed from this drawing to the first time she was seen in the comic. There are also plenty of things about this drawing that are starting to resurface in the comic now. I think when looking at a head, or even working on it, you create more of the character than you might when drawing the rest of him or her. It is because of this thought that I am going to pursue heads for a while. Even if it isn’t any particular head, it should help in developing the skills that make a face someone’s face.

Thank you all, very much for reading. I have gotten so much positive and constructive feedback, it really helps keeping this up. Don’t forget, all sketches are for sale as originals for $5!



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