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Wow! I’m embarrassed. Taking this hiatus has caused an error on my behalf. I am missing a crucial page, and oddly, it takes place before the page you saw last week. What a mess! So, because of the trouble, I will not be posting a page today, but I am posting a blog, however.

First, I hope you can forgive my careless, clumsiness, and wait one more week for pages to be up regularly. I promise you, they will happen! Many of them are already drawn.

Second, I want to tell you that I am posting a new link to someone I have met named Isaiah. He’s a local author who has written a book. Out of mutual respect, I am sharing his link here and on the Links Page. Check him out and read through his Autobiography.  Who knows, you might learn something about yourself? Here it is: Obstacles, Lessons, & Hope.

See you next Monday!


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