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First things first, I have no idea how to tie today’s sketch into what we’re talking about. Honestly, I don’t even know what to call it. I  just started with a couple circles and what you’re looking at just sort of happened. I think it’s a ghost-monster-thing. A gorilla? Who knows. Let’s call him the Birthday Monster.

Today, as some of you already know, is my birthday. Here I am finally 25. What was it like living one quarter of a century as me? It was different. I feel like most of my life has been lived in the last ten years at the most, especially the last seven. I really didn’t do a whole lot with myself before I was seventeen. I was widely a consumer that found comfort in television, videogames, and spending every cent I came across.

I guess, thinking back on it, I’ve gone through quite a few things. I’ll make a list, humans like lists, or so I’m told. I was born (don’t remember it, but I must have been), I did baby and toddler things, I got stitches, I was caught by the cops (as a little kid), I went through school, sent a picture in a bottle at one point, moved to Sioux Falls, I threw up at school once, I learned what detention was about, got in trouble with fire, got a library card, became a boyscout, rode my bicycle too much, played a lot of videogames, I went through the nightmares of middle school, got pants’d a few times, became a volunteer, learned how to drive, went to high school, upset my parents and teachers with my grades, had a girlfriend, started a club, thought I had a heart attack, graduated (miraculously), got real jobs, got accepted to college, moved to Madison, DJ’d and became station President at DSU,  I got a Gold Throwing Copper album, I did well in classes, I did poorly in classes, made friends, pretended to kidnap someone, cleaned cars for movies and television shows, my wisdom teeth were thieved, shaved my head, made movies, fell in love with Sockbaby, survived a hydraulic explosion, watched a car burn, went through four cars, got a cat, moved to Minneapolis, suffered rent and art school, became a Mac, made more movies, left Minneapolis, went back to DSU, went to France and Italy, cleaned lots of potties, started a comic, fell in love with Buffy, got engaged, became a Freemason, worked on the Hellmouth, got a real apartment, had my twenty-fifth birthday.

See wasn’t that a nice list? I could make it longer but I wont. Just note that everything from “moved to Madison” forward is in the last seven years. But how was it? It was all right. Things change a lot and I am still learning how to steer this thing. To quote Tomas Kalnowky, “the times we had, were not that bad, and everything else was part of the path.”

Thanks mom and dad and everyone, for everything.

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