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First of all: Wow! What a busy Monday. Your forecast got pushed back a bit, so here it is:

Today: Masquerade
Wednesday: Inking
Thursday: Cardboard by Doug TenNapel
Friday: A new Page

All right, thanks for letting me get that out of the way. It was a hectic day full of things to do, and the forecast got away from me. As you should know, Tuesdays are about inspirations, and today we are going to reflect on Masquerade, my first comic.

I’m not certain exactly what it was that pushed me in the direction of attempting Masquerade. It was a completely novice experience. Perhaps the advent of ending all writing was enough to seek it out, but I had jumped into the concept of an incredibly low quality comic rather quickly.

What was Masquerade about? Well, me, of course. You can probably tell by this point that I have a severe issue not making stories that are somehow about me. It’s not that I believe that I am particularly interesting enough to include, but that I find it hard to disseminate my own traits across a wide variety of characters and usually use a recreation of myself as a device to carry those traits independently. truthfully, I am not certain if that’s an entirely good idea, but it is what tends to happen.

Back when Masquerade was born, I didn’t think about anyone but myself, I suppose. I was the main character. There was a lot going on in my life at that time, and I believe it was a way to address issues and learn a lesson. Loosely, it was about a college student who is somehow sucked to a world that he believes is Mars. He meets a space exploring martian and learns about humans and their villainous ways. Needless to say, I have not completed it.

I was drawing it on my first Tablet PC, and the tablet screen was poor, so it required a large amount of scribbling to get any of it right. You could probably consider it a rough draft, or storyboard, for a story in it’s infancy. At that time, I had a beginning, but no middle and end and had no idea how it would end exactly.

To make things weird, it is quite possible that my journey through an Oz-like world actually happened. The genesis of Masquerade took place shortly before I abandoned my education at the time, for something bigger in a bigger city at a school that was practically alien to me. It could be seen that Masquerade never ended, because I haven’t finished reflecting on the year I spent away from home on my own masquerade.

Regardless, it was my first adventure into comics that wasn’t just a simple doodle in an afternoon. Although it is far from polished, it certainly got my brain thinking in the realm of comicking. Panels and storyboards became the world I was thinking in from that point forward. Maybe, just maybe, Alice is what happened to that story.

I’m really not the most certain how to end this, today, but I know I want to ask you something. Masquerade is located on Facebook, in case you were wondering. I think it would be great to get whatever constructive criticism could exist for an old endeavor. Tell me about myself if you will.

Book 1
Book 2


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