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This sketch has much to do with the future of the comic…

So let’s start with a reflection on Monday’s forecast. I said I would have a review of Angel and Faith Volumes I and II. Unfortunately, I am going to have to split them up. Yesterday was a surprisingly busy day, I even went to the gym at one point. Because of that, I only had the opportunity to read one of the two books.

I should mention that Angel & Faith Volume I parallels Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 pretty closely. The nice thing is that since the tie in during Buffy Season 8, the publishing has gone from two companies to one. This is great news. Back before Season 8, Angel was going through hell, literally. It was an interesting storyline, and fun to read, but the art was awful, at times. It felt that IDW was throwing whomever they could at the series, as opposed to trying to keep a continuous set of artists. There were moments, then, where it was hard to read. Bringing the vampire with a soul to Dark Horse with Buffy was a great idea.

Now I can’t say how many of you are reading the series, or whether or not you’ve read Season 8, so I’ll tread lightly. Buffy Season 8 is the first canonical series of Buffy comics which follows the television series. It got pretty fantastical, and at times was too verbose, or convoluted, to be precisely what I was looking for to follow up the series. Setting that aside, Angel is present in Season 8 and does a handful of regretful things, which mount at the end of the season.

Angel and Faith kicks off with Angel and the once-a-bad-guy-now-reformed Faith Lehane to attempt to right his wrongs once again and try to guide a team of dysfunctional slayers. It’s pretty action packed, especially for being the beginning of the story. Let me tell you, there are scenes that get downright gory.

The demons and monsters are wonderful to look at. That’s one of the aspects I was so excited for when it transitioned to a drawn media. The creatures could be absolutely anything; limitless. So we see Angel and Faith kick some demon ass, and get theirs handed back a few times.

Two new baddies are introduced as well. Their names are Nash and Pearl. A fearsome brother and sister combo that are out to commit some chaos while guided by an old acquaintance of Captain Forehead himself (Angel). I wont spoil who it is, but I will say that Nash and Pearl are gruesome and exciting. Some of their tendencies even made me feel like I was watching one of DC’s Green Lanterns commit some of the most horrific crimes.

It should have been obvious I’d find good in something I love. More than that, obvious that it’s still a bit early in the series to determine just how good the overall story is. Regardless, it holds a few truths: it feels far better than the old IDW books, and moves much better than Season 8. My only complaint this far is that I haven’t seen any of my old friends from Angel’s LA. I miss those guys.


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