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I did it! I did it! I have prepared a review of Angel & Faith, Volume II: Daddy Issues. I’m proud to have finally tackled it. So what did I think? Beware, some spoilers exist below.

Well, last time we saw the pair, they were collecting these special artifacts in hope of bringing Rupert Giles back to life. As you ought to know by now, the world has been turned upside down by the actions of Buffy and her enemy Twilight during Buffy Season 8. Things have gone awry with magic being fragmented and shattered, as well as new vampires becoming very similar to the Lurks we have seen in Fray. These factors are making quite a difficult process of reviving Giles, especially topping it off with the fact that his death is considered natural, therefore immensely difficult to reverse.

Let’s make matters worse. We know there are lots of misunderstood, misguided, Slayers out there that are lacking leadership and trying to do their best in a world where vampires have been romanticized and essentially indoctrinated as civilians in the eyes of the public. This mess is making it hard for any good Slayer to actually fulfill her duties as a Slayer. Now we need to make this even more convoluted and add the new fact that our old villain, Twilight, had a couple of nasty cohorts who seem human in many ways, but are beyond powerful, Nash and Pearl. These two can fly, and in the Buffyverse, that says a lot to their capabilities. What makes them frightening is that they seem to have it in for our friends Angel and Faith, as well as the other Slayers. They certainly seem unstoppable.

So what happened in Daddy Issues? The good news is that Nash and Pearl take the back burner as we focus on some personal aspects of Angel and Faith while they work on restoring Giles. What makes this good news is that we know our heroes have a little longer to go before they face the inevitable. The title alone should give away some facets. We’re addressing issues that made Faith such a punk in the earlier days, as well as some of the repercussions of Angel being a sire. Overall, I would say that this volume was pretty compelling. It was woven neatly and in an interesting light. We also get to see the return of a very beloved character from the television series’ that many people have probably been yearning for. I won’t say who it is exactly, but I will say you’ll probably love seeing her.

Characters are really what hung me up. One thing that made the Buffyverse desirable as television shows is that the universe seemed well defined. I got to see characters I loved doing things in places with which I had become attached. With the transition to a comic, the writers have expanding things so far that I am missing the old scenes and characters. I am feeling a bit inundated with many of the new arrivals, most of whom I do not know well enough to cry over, and the twists that seem keep creeping out of peoples pasts. I’m also missing old faces like Charles Gunn, Nina, Kate, Groosalugg and hell even Connor. (The emotional scamp must have been growing on me)

Moreover, I am really pleased with how the book looks. A problem I have been having is the frequent and dramatic change in artists. There is only one transition in this volume, and I didn’t like it. Regardless, the major chunk known as Daddy Issues is beautiful. Rebekah Isaacs and Chris Samnee did a brilliant job with this story and really make me feel the actors of the original series. It’s lush and refreshing. Not to mention a great relief over the days when the comic was with IDW. What the hell were they thinking back then? Many of the books were visually unreadable, to me, anyhow.

Back to the point, Angel & Faith, Volume II: Daddy Issues was a good read. Though I struggled with some of the elements, it was vibrant and compelling. I am excited to see what stones will be turned as we inch closer to Giles’ possible resurrection. Will it work? Will he still be the Giles we love? Only time can tell.


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