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The Elderly Doctor, Abandoned in Sioux Falls.

Greetings from the rainy tundra! We will never see the sun again. But that’s okay, that’s why we live here, isn’t it?

Recently, you may have noticed a day or two where the website was down. There was some routine maintenance that happened to take place on the second anniversary of this site being conceptualized. It was in the mental womb and was becoming a possibility at th

at time. It’s exciting, and I am really geared up for the full Birthday coming this August.

What’s even more immediately exciting is that I have been writing quite a bit. This coming weekend marks the end of the script revisions and the beginning of page drawing. The pages will come swiftly, I assure you. If you have been out of the Alice loop you are unaware that I will not be posting pages progressively. What you will see is a page every day, as soon as they are all drawn. This should give you the ability to enjoy it more thoroughly and not be hung up on minor cliffhangers too long. Even more so on the writing front, I have been developing short stories to exercise my skills. Recently, I submitted a wonderful short called Carrie’s Cupcake to the NPR 3 Minute Fiction contest. Tune in, you might here the fascinating tale.

You’ve seen it. You’ve been glancing up at it, I bet. What does it have to do with today’s post? More than it seems. I am working on making a subconscious thought about this website and its content. This event has been developing slowly, but you’re bound to become apart of it eventually. I am leaving tidbits here and there. These are abandoned drawings or business cards. The drawings may have nothing to do with the comic but it is all something I’ve drawn. You might find one and decide to come to visit a while. If you do, take a picture of yourself with one of these beauties, send me a picture and I’ll share it in an upcoming blog!

One Grumpy Banana, Abandoned in Sioux Falls

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