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Hey, it’s my second morning. I’m struggling with my new schedule, but it’s coming along. I woke up a half an hour later that I was planning, but I made it up. I have been hoping to get into the groove of posting my blog by 6:30 each morning, but I haven’t made it there yet. Each of this instances lends itself to today’s blog entry.

You may know, if you have been with me a while, that on Tuesdays I like to talk about what inspires me. I do this for a couple reasons. One, I want to push myself to stay motivated and influenced. Two, I hope to inspire you into keeping the same. Sometimes you even see me blog about fighting to stay motivated, fighting to keep on trucking. Today I want to talk about the forces that can get in the way.

By now, you ought to know that I am attached to the television. It’s a rough experience and I catch flak for it on a regular basis, even by those I live with. TV is one of my Stopping Forces. I can spend all day fighting with a job that keeps me creatively off track, and feel inspired all day, just to be confronted by a Stopping Force. These are the things in our lives that can tend to derail motivation. We all have them, I do not care who you are. The worst thing about them is that we have ever bit of power over them as we think they do over us.

Most of us say these sorts of things: “after this episode”, or “I just both this game”, or “it’ll make me want to work more”, or any number of excuses. My excuse this morning was “ten more minutes” I used it three times. Sometimes we even say these things out loud, more to convince ourselves than others. This act empowers the Stopping Force. We start giving our energy to them, actually creating them ourselves. There is nothing externally that exists to stand against us, that is unless you actually have a nemesis attempting to thwart your every action. No, most of us are actually fighting against ourselves.

Those of us looking to stay motivated hear it all the time. Everyone is telling us to just get up and keep striving, but it is tough. I am with you on that entirely, it is hard, it sucks. It should suck. Nothing worth having was ever easy to have. What we need to do is try to channel our energy. If whatever it is that you do really is so important, then make it a priority. Next time you are about to lend power to a Stopping Force do what you can to prevent it. Give the power back to the Creative or Constructive Force. Say things like: “no more episodes”, or “I’ll play this game after I work on the website”, or “I should work while it’s inspiring me”. These things can start pushing the energy in the right direction.

Oh, and hey, I know from experience that sometimes certain aspects are hard. There are days where I feel like my hands just wont draw. It is miserable. Don’t be stopped, though. Stop creating Stopping Forces. If you cannot power through a tough aspect, transition to an easier one. If I can’t draw, I try to doodle, or script, or work on the next blog. And remember, we should be working together. I am still accepting links to your work, whatever it is. I will keep track of you, and maybe you’ll do the same for me. We can constructively keep each other working and fighting those Stopping Forces.


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