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Tuesday morning, I wonder what’s driving me today? What’s driving you? When things aren’t right, or the way that they should be, it can be hard to find something inspiring. If you’ve been following this blog you know that I have been a big believer in planting faith in something inspiring and follow all of its leads until they’re absolutely exhausted. That’s why I can dwell so long on something like Buffy. It’s why I can watch something ten million times and not be tired of it. Lately, I’ve been in a muse-free desert that threatens to change things for the worst, but I am fighting against that feeling. I’m sure if you’ve attempted to tackle something creative, you know the feeling.

How can we face it? Is there a way to fight the dwindling and forge forward? Yes. Luckily, the answer is yes. The best solution I have ever found is to make yourself do it. When things are hard, they are probably worth doing. We grow that way. It’s something I wish I grasped better honestly. When you’re feeling dried up, know that you are a wellspring of creativity and you can only refresh yourself by using it. Make, and keep making. If you hate it, keep making it. Something, anything, for the sake of forward. It hurts and it sucks, but it’s progress. The distractions in life can take the backseat more often than we let them. My recent hiatus has been good in the regard that I have escaped some of my vices, like the internet, even if only temporarily.

There’s one good thing that I know can come from this. I’m going to tell you exactly what it is. Inspiration. You might fight through something nasty, some hideous dry spell, only to come out on the other side inspired by yourself. New work, new perspectives, new beliefs, they’re all there if you make it through it. How do I know? Because out of the countless hard things I have to do, I have actually faced some of them. When I do, it’s rewarding. Inspiration can happen when you’re motionless, but you’ll never change the world sitting still.

I don’t have a giant following of dedicated fans. That can make things harder with whatever you’re doing. Support is something we all need. Another thing that I find helps is the fragment of sanity one must sacrifice to weave a story. Maybe it’s because I have an overactive imagination, but sometimes my characters can support me just as well as any reader or significant figure in my life can. I have to make this happen to give them resolve. Alice deserves to see the end of the road some day. You can do it too, and allow whatever it is you’re working on see the light of completion.

Finally, ask for support. If you have someone in your life that can encourage you when you have no drive left, then you ought to be able to rely on them. I’ve got a couple, actually. First there’s Brett. Sometimes he must take after the common parrot, because he is pretty damn good at telling me over and over to work on the comic/website. It’s annoying, but I need it, and he knows it. Second, there’s Carrie. She does it differently. She loves me enough to let me work when she knows it’s important. If I share it with her, she puts in the time to make me feel stronger about it. Find people like that and hold on to them, and thank them. Thanks you guys.

So, before we go. You’ve seen my advice on getting re-inspired, what do you have to get yourself through?


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