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Usually on Wednesdays I talk about how to do something artistically, but I want to do it a little differently today. Today I want to cover something that we can all relate to. Motivation: how do we keep the ball rolling?

This can be one of the hardest things for me. It seems that when things are new, they are the most exciting and easier to follow through on. As we get comfortable with them, sometimes they can stagnate and lose their appeal. When something is important, though, how do we motivate ourselves to forge forward?

Many different things can get in the way too. It doesn’t have to be the feeling of whatever you’re working on growing old. Sometimes it’s outside forces. Perhaps your trouble is lack of support, or maybe a crushing job, or lack of sleep. It could even be distractions like the internet, or videogames, or television. Whatever your issue, there must be some way past it, right?

I believe there is a way past it. It’s a lot of work, of course. Why would it be easy? There are things that we can do to make improvements on our craft or passions. Sometimes all we need is encouragement. I know for me, I can make it easier when I get feedback from my readers, although you are usually quite quiet. Knowing there are people who look forward to my work helps tremendously.

Another facet that seems to do some good is finding things that can push you along. I use a sub-reddit called Get Motivated lately, and it has been doing well in pulling me in the correct direction. It is almost dedicated the concept of tough love and picking oneself up. This is helpful, but I know there is something else that is very important. Address your issues.

If there is something blocking you from doing what you wish you were doing, identify it. Putting a name and face to the monster that you are fighting will make it less daunting to overcome. When you are able to identify, all you need is the true want to overcome it and you will. You’ll find a way to take a night off of gaming, or the internet, to get back on track.

It’s rough, it’s tough, and we’re all going through it. If you want something to be fruitful, you need to tend to it. There is one thing that I want to do for you, and maybe you’ll do it for me. If you have a link to whatever it is that you do, I want it. Share it here and we’ll drum up support. I will follow your activity and make sure to show my constructive side. If you leave it here, perhaps another reader will do the same. Let’s see how we can build each other and build off of one another.

Finally, I’ve included some motivational links below. I look forward to your work and support.


Get Motivated
Identifying Success

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