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What do you think of that? That thing above the blog is called a sketch. Some of you may remember that I used to do one a day. I can’t guarantee that right now, but I will will try to bring it back. This one is about how it feels to be trapped in a creatively devastating experience.

Today I am finally tackling the Inking discussion I have brought up numerous times. I guess what I wanted to attempt is an open forum of sorts. If you comic or use ink at all, I want to hear from you, seriously. Typically when I ask, I get very little response, but I keep trying.

When I draw my comic, I am completely analogue. I start with scripts and sketches and move to blue pencil on sheets of Bristol Board. My preferences differ greatly, it seems, from almost every webcomic artist out there. After the pencils I ink it. Currently I use an array of Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens. I tend to stick to three of them for all of my purposes. The only time I pull out a brush and inkwell is when I need to fill an area with black that would not be appropriate for a pen. Sometimes, when I need tons of black, I simply apply it in Photoshop, but I tend to stay away from actually creating digitally.

My assessment today is asking you how you feel about inking? Do you do it at all? If so, do you prefer digital ink, pens, or brushes? Maybe you use something else? Fill me in and tell me why you chose to do it the way you do.

I know many digital artists prefer the medium because issues are easily fixed; I feel that no easy repairs promotes a better attention to detail in the long run. Right now I am not sure that I am entirely married to the pens, and have some interest in starting with brushes. Right now my conundrum is what brushes to play with and good practicing techniques. If you have any advice, I’d gladly take it.

So today, teach me about yourselves. How do you address inking, and why?



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