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Good Thursday to you all. Today was an innovative day. I should start this off with some explanations. Today you should have been expecting a blog about Angel & Faith Volume 2. You’ll have to wait on that until next Thursday. Last night I was as unproductive as all get out. It was miserable. When I should have been reading, I was playing a game. This morning I felt miserable about it and even contemplated skipping today’s blog all together. It was a miserable feeling. I was once again feeling squashed by my universe. It was inspiring though, so I decided to wrote this important thought. This may spill from me a bit choppy and out of order, but I feel it is important.

I recently read a blog about why we should all be quitting our jobs. It made a lot of sense, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it was absolutely correct. I did pick up something important though. Replaceability. This has been on my mind all day today. We need something that makes us irreplaceable, immovable. It seems fairly simple doesn’t it? It isn’t. We are constantly given situations in which we are unimportant, inadequate, and utterly replaceable. Forgive my repetition, but it is critical to make my point. We are all replaceable at some point, for some reason.

My employment is mediocre. Sometimes it challenges me, but it is rarely satisfactory. I am ultimately a number, a butt in a seat performing a task. I’d call it meaningless, but it isn’t. It is, however, something any deductive person or machine could execute. A good programmer could replace me in a few months, easily. Sure, those I work with are appreciative, but that doesn’t mean the world is riding on me, or them. We could always have our rosters refilled. We are not particularly unique. It’s rough to imagine, but it is true. I think that is what can make something so utterly soul sucking. Being trapped in a situation that you know isn’t designed for your, or fashioned by you.

Let’s look at the things we love. I can relate with the things I like, like video games or Buffy. In Buffy the characters become irreplaceable. Not only is Buffy the Chosen One, but she is above all the most fascinating Slayer with her team of friends. Even the least powerful, like Xander, are irreplaceable. The world just couldn’t be saved without her. Perhaps a more realistic viewpoint would be something like my father. He’s my dad, that’s clearly important, but even more than that, he’s an entrepreneur. His business would be nowhere without his incredible amount of work and dedication. He made himself irreplaceable in that field as well as fatherhood.

We each need to locate our irreplaceable facets. If you can’t locate any, make them! No one else could take care of this website and comic the way I do. For Alice and her whole world, I am irreplaceable. This is more important that some job where I could be moved, or removed, at any moment. Let’s say you are struggling with creating something, then embrace what is around you. Perhaps you are a parent, or a sibling. Those are irreplaceable roles. Only you could do those roles the way you do. You are affecting lives. Try to take notice of that as well as you can. It shouldn’t take your removal to recognize your power.

Stretching even further, I should have taken advantage of last night, but at least I conjured this motivation. I am writing Alice and, nonetheless, expanding her world. Any progress is still progress. It’s time to strive forward in whatever goal you have. Once again I am looking to employ your excellency. We can strive together. I will gladly scratch your back, if you scratch mine. Shoot me your blog, or your project, and I will follow you, if you follow me. Want more than that? I’ll jump right in, and promote you once a week. I can’t force you, but returning the gesture never hurts. Finally, I am looking at some creative editors. I want five of you to help me push Alice’s story. If you’re interested let me know through an email at thedylanjacobson@gmail.com. You could become someone I find irreplaceable….

Have a good evening.


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