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Good morning great people of the internet! I come to you with project news. Now we know that I have October 31st set as the premier date for new pages, so just bear with me. What I’m here to present you is a project that I have been invited to work on by my good friend Paul.

Paul and I have been working together for years now, and it only seemed right that we collaborated together on something again. About two months Paul came to me and said out of the blue, “Did you know that Juggalos go to Denny’s?”. To make a long story short, the question started the ball rolling on even more questions and ideas and scenarios. Eventually Paul announced that he would be starting a Kickstarter to launch a ten part webseries. He had gone through some painstaking research and exploration into the Juggalo community to find his inspiration and had asked me to jump in and help make this project a reality.

It’s only been two weeks, but we started the the Kickstarter and started advertising. Things started pretty smoothly but they eventually plateaued. Trying to spark the best interest possible, we scrambled to make something to showcase the concept. In about four days, we gathered enough people, equipment, props, and supplies to get filming. We faced issues with time, first and foremost. Everyone involved has either school or day jobs to work around. As things moved along, we had a lens break, and major casting recalls. Although the road was bumpy we made it to fruition.

Without further delay, here’s the video we completed:

I hope you enjoyed it and maybe laughed a little. Juggalos in the Mist is geared toward being funny and humanizing. Hopefully the average Juggalo can be seen in a different light than the usual negative connotation. It’s just a pilot, so we still need more support to get things off the ground. Please check out the Kickstarter so you can get involved. If you have any questions or comments, I’d be glad to answer them. If I’m not the most qualified, I’m sure Paul can jump in and help you out, too.

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