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Good Tuesday, friends. I hope you are well. You may have noticed that there hasn’t been any sketches for the last week. I want to take a moment with that. I have been drawing steadily in my sketchbook and have been building a reserve of doodles. They will be presented soon, I just want to gather a good stack and scan them as opposed to scanning on a daily basis.

Anyhow, today I wanted to talk about the Paper Wings Podcast. I have been following it for about two months now. It is hosted by Chris Oatley and Lora Innes. These two are personable and enjoyable. The show is geared toward folks like me, struggling comic artists.

You might know that since May I have been experiencing an artistic slump. A while back I learned that many comics never make it past the twenty-sixth page. I did. I treated that as a large victory on my part. However, I learned that slumps come from a lot of things, and that I have complete control over my situation. While I was learning this, the Paper Wings show appeared on my radar. My first show was about how to monetize my webcomic. Let’s face it, monetizing works, but works far better if you have a great group of readers. Paper Wings has helped me on that.

Now I must admit, I have been reluctant to post anything on their website. I typically lurk, and read, and listen. I do hope to get more involved soon, but I primarily use it as fuel. Like I said, Chris and Lora are likable. They are great artists with a level attitude and genuinely want to help spur the webcomic community and “help the little guy”. They, with their behind the scenes crew, present content that is always useful, if not thought provoking. The presentation of the show as an open dialogue makes it easy to relate to, and easy to apply to myself. They are two grownup artist with a positive drive that can help drive anyone forward.

I want to give today to them for being such a big support, even though they may not know it. Personally, I think that a lot of the tools they have created for webcomic creators can be applied to anything on the internet. Also, their lessons can be seen as equally useful to anyone trying to support themselves with anything. Take some time to check them out! Thank you, Chris, Lora, and the rest at the Paper Wings Podcast!


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