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Sometimes, I’m sure, if you’re among my tens of followers, you wonder what was the cause of all this Buffy. I’m talking about the television series and subsequent comic, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. From the midpoint of my involvement with this website, I became disturbingly involved with Buffy and all the things included with it. It is true though, the obsession comes from somewhere.

It was the winter bridging 2010 – 2011, I was casually carrying on with my life. Doing what I usually do: playing too many games and trying to devise a way to tell a story. That had been most of my life, actually. I always wanted to tell a story, I just wasn’t sure what I was going to tell. Through that winter I kept to my devices and never expected what I would agree to one day at Wal-Mart.

Carrie and I were shopping. I can’t recall what for, but it really doesn’t matter. What matters is who I saw that day. While going through the checkout lane a wise man in a sweater and a beard greeted me. He was one of my college instructors, Professor Richardson. I had the pleasure of learning from him in one of my preliminary English courses, so it was fantastic to see him. During this meeting he made a proposition. He would be running a literature course the following spring that explored vampires. With little hesitation, I agreed.

Upon returning to campus that spring, I prepared for my interesting literature class. Professor Richardson had planned a semester of examination for us. We would be biologists, deciphering the evident changes that proved the evolution of the fantastic creature, the vampire. The arc of the class stood to show that the vampire had evolved, through our culture, from a violent monster into a romantic figure.

We began with the obvious, Dracula. From Stoker’s classic, we explored the librarian world of the Historian. We also stood in war with President Lincoln against Civil War era, slave-mongering, vampires. Finally, we took a look into the disturbing Twilight.

Though these books show great contrast and comparison, we needed something else to back up our evidence. What was presented was television and film. Of course we saw Dracula with the great Lugosi, and we watched Nosferatu, but most importantly of all, we watched Buffy. We did not have time for the complete series, but picked out particular highlights. It was at this point that I would become engrossed.

Professor Richardson had requested that if we could, we should attempt to watch at least the first season on our own. I was new to Netflix at the time, but decided to look into it. Secretly, I began to watch the first few episodes, and realized how much I liked it. Eventually I became brave enough to tell me roommate, and we watched it together. All the while, the wheels in my head were turning.

I had dabbled in comics before. I even knew at this time that I wanted to revisit the media somehow. During my free time we watched Buffy as my imagination crawled through ideas. Alice was born. She came to be as a sketch near the end of that semester.

I expressed that Professor Richardson had gotten me interested in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but did not understand the weight of how it would affect me. During that summer, Alice’s world was slowly developing, as mine was being enveloped by the Slayer. I laughed, I cried, I terrified my girlfriend.Without knowing it, Alice had a sibling, that sibling was Buffy.

Though Bufffy ended, in television form, Alice blossomed, and is still blooming in many ways. I’ve gone through rough patches and difficulties, but she marches on.

In reality I owe much of the inspiration in creating this website to Joss Whedon and Professor Richardson. I’d like to thank them, I guess, for an obsession and my comic. The best thanks I could offer, though, is that to this day I am still watching.


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