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My goodness this week has been unusually busy and unusually fast. The more I think I can accomplish, the less time I have to do it, it seems. I will be reading Angel & Faith Volume II tonight to prepare a blog for you tomorrow. I must, the book seems cursed to never be reviewed. But I digress. I want to take today to address where things are at with writing.

If you recall, about a month ago now, I recruited a few people to help me revise and improve the ending to this arc of the Little Alice story. During that time I had my hiatus and disconnected from them. I’m sorry. I am regrouping and preparing to hook back up with them. I need to get my thoughts and notes lined up over the next few nights and hunker down on the script. It is all established as an internet group and I’ll be responding by the end of the weekend.

My goal right now is to get everything regrouped by Friday evening, and head up the script this weekend. It should be ample time to make some significant progress. I am hoping to finish the script for this arc entirely by the end of May, leaving only drawing and page posting for this quarter of the Alice epic.

The script has become immensely important to really polishing things as I round them out. If you think about it, I have made changes in leaps and bounds since this story began. In the beginning, I knew very little about where I was going. I was storing all of the information in my mind and had to think about it constantly. I moved through three art styles, as well as loose storyboard and a very loose script. It’s overdue that I tighten it as much as possible. A good script will not only keep me on track, but improve the overall development and dialogue.

By now, I hope you are aware that I am gingerly plotting the next arc. I have consumed as much as I can in effort to move into a new paradigm. On top of that, I am dropping hints frequently on what will be going on in the new story. I hold high hopes for bringing you a completely new experience in a greatly more professional style. Currently, I have no intention of changing the art, aside from minor tweaks and polishes. What you should see as we move forward is a stronger visual story backed by a good script and doodles.

All of this, however, may not be possible unless I prepare a tighter unity in my process early. That is why focusing on my script is so important right now. To reiterate, I apologize to my readers and editors, I will be on the writing horse very soon.

Finally, writers, improve my brain! Tell me, what are some of your best scripting techniques?


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