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Hey, guess what? I wrote this blog last night! Isn’t that neat.

Today I want to discuss one of my biggest frustrations and ask for help. You ought to know by now, but I draw the whole comic by hand on paper. Bristol board, to be exact. One of my most infuriating troubles is scanning. I have only found one place that gets it done right for me and that’s the Dakota State Production Center. My friends there do a beautiful job and have never let me down. Unfortunately, I am not in Madison full-time any longer. This has created difficulty in getting to them and experiencing their superior scanning.

You may know that in the past I have attempted to scan at Fedex/Kinkos. That was an atrocity. Not only was it more expensive than I had expected, but the clerks at my location had never dealt with someone with a comic before. I had to make three visits to get one page done correctly, and it was a headache. Needless to say, I have no intention to deal with them again.

So my issue right now is where should I go? I have tried to send gofers with my trusty briefcase, but it has become grueling. Not only that, but it’s hard to wrangle no cost gofers. How will I ever get the job done the way I am used to?

Something I ought to ask you is where do you go? Does UPS scan? Is there anyone trustworthy out there? Ha! I am at a loss, truthfully. I need a good, high-res, large scale, scanner!


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