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Good morning! My schedule is all sorts of screwed up today, but I am working on writing and drawing today. Something that has been naggingly difficult with what I have been working on is fight sequences. I’m such an amateur that I still haven’t come to face the truth, fight scenes are tough.

Nearly a decade ago, I found something beautiful, called Sockbaby. It changed me, seriously. Sockbaby got me excited, and made me laugh at almost every instance. I watched the beginning of the series in one sitting and knew that it would be important to me. It inspired films and stories, and possible had a grain of influence is my travel between schools.

Now I reflect on the internet sensation again. I have been writing Little Alice and have encountered a couple interesting battle situations. How can I make them better? Something I know about comics is simplicity. Convey your points, your purpose, on a simple way. I think I am gaining a good grasp on that idea, but it is still confounding when it comes to conflict. How do I present better fights each time? How can I move it along and still be exciting? These questions are mounting.

At times like this, I must turn to what I know works and is successful. Any comic I own, and everything I love must hold a seed of truth, a puzzle piece to this dilemma. How will I make action that really works? Sockbaby give me strength!


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