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Above is a sneak peek for tomorrow’s exciting page. Page 61!

Good morning everyone. I’ve been surprisingly on top of things lately. It seems that Angel & Faith Volume II is exceedingly elusive to me. My time has not been met well when trying to read the book. There is a lot going on, so I’ll discuss that subject.

Lately I have been assembling the dream team. I know, it sounds corny, but I’m serious. I have been trying to gather the best creative folks I know to get them involved with the comic and each other. Together, I am confident that we can aid each other in ways we previously did not imagine. I know I am speaking in a grandiose manner, but I am serious. We need to support each other.

Currently, on my team, you will find three people. First is a good friend of mine. She and I don’t see each other nearly enough, but she’s a writer and brilliant. She blogs and games and has a sense of humor. I am proud to work with her again, on something that finally isn’t homework.

Second, a friend I haven’t seen in years. He has worked with radio and is finally pursuing studies in sound engineering. We went to high school together and spent too much time watching television. He is hilarious, and will hopefully bring some insight from new angles.

Third is an old mentor. When I was in high school, I was creative, but relatively useless. This guy was one of my teachers, who I probably frustrated with my lack of homework doing. You know, to quote Xander, “Reading makes our speaking English good”. Anyhow, he’s a wise man, but full of great ideas, and will absolutely give me the criticism I need to make improvements.

I will release more information on this team as it comes along. If you’re interested in getting involved. Give me a shout, leave a comment!

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