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Hello, everyone. As you know, on Wednesdays, I discuss an aspect of working on this comic. My intention with this is to show what I do, why, and perhaps share experiences and advice with you. Now I know that not all of you draw, but I know that a good handful of you create something. With that said, what’s the most important aspect of telling a visual story? I’ve been writing a lot lately, and yes, the script is immensely important, but equally important is the sketchbook.

The sketchbook is a tool that extends beyond actually preparing pages and panels. It is a reflexive tool. Sure, there are some artists who are excellent, and draw very seldom, but still achieve what they want. For the rest of us, we need to stay in shape. Comparing it to a work out is a good analogy because it can be just as difficult. If you don’t already work out everyday, then you know that mustering the interest to go can be a chore. It’s exactly the same with the sketchbook.

The overall difficulty is purpose behind posting sketches as frequently as possible. Previously, I had explained that I am essentially building a stock before scanning them. It can take time to scan, but takes less time when I do many sketches as once. Soon you’ll see new sketches more frequently. But I digress. The reason today is to explore the practice of drawing with the sketchbook.

Something I have come to know about my sketchbook is that it can be motivational. I get to express thoughts quickly, and test hypotheses. Let’s say that I want to try a new technique, I can really test it out in there. Or perhaps I want to doodle something I am not going to use. These should all be fairly obvious reasons, but as I said before, exercising can be difficult. If you are drawing, or writing, or anything that requires exercise, I recommend making yourself get up and do it, no mater what. Recently. I have started carrying my sketchbook with my everywhere. It’s always there when I need it.

What I am interested in learning from you today is this: What good exercises do you find with your exercising tools? Is there something that you draw, or write, frequently that seems to help make your experience better?


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