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Two sketches, but no page. It’s rough, I know. Sadly, I ran out of pre-scanned pages on hand and need a bit of time to get to a scanner. The real issue is that I have a hard time trusting local businesses. I went through hell with Kinkos/FedEx with scans and getting anything to look crisp. The best experience I have ever had has been with the Dakota State Production Center. It is my ideal place to scan and print, even to cut and prepare. My friends there do a professional and knockout job. Because of this, I need to travel to Madison to get my pages scanned, and I will be up there next week, hopefully with a small stack.

Today I leave you hopeful, but perhaps satisfied, with two scans of doodles for the future. I am reluctant to explain much, but am willing to say that it’s all apart of a fture arc I am attempting to script.

Thanks again for all the birthday wishes!


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