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Hello, it’s Friday, finally. It has been a long week and I’m glad that it’s nearing its end. I feel like I have accomplished a lot around here, though. I’m hoping this weekend goes well so I can get more accomplished and start working forward. As I explained on Wednesday, I am getting back on top of writing. My plans for this Saturday is to write as much as I can and reconnect with my collaborators. Right now I want to invite you to collaborate with me and audit some of my writing for the ending of this story arc. If you’re interested, please post in the comments or send an email to thedylanjacobson@gmail.com.

I bet by now you are wondering about pages. It has been too long since I have posted new content and I do need to get back on top of that. My plan right now is to draw a page each week for the next two weeks. Then on the second week, start posting again. I may need to take a periodic break to write, but by then I should be able to be posting every 2-3 weeks. It takes a while, and I need to create a strategy in effort to bring more consistent updates. Bear with me and you will get to see this blossom.

So what of the future? Currently I am trying to round off the story that we are experiencing right now. It’s not the end of Alice, just a shift in paradigms. When this story – Forces of Evil – is finished, there will be a content Hiatus. If I can stick to my plans, I will have started writing the next story before we are finished with Forces of Evil. I will then take time to finish the story of the second arc – name still concealed – before attempting to draw any of it. There will be blogging and major website maintenance during this period. Once the story is complete, I will start to draw it. Right now the goal is to draw 8-12 pages in advance, so I have a decent stockpile. Then, depending on how quickly I am drawing them, I may be able to return to two pages a week. I am not certain how many pages the next arc will require, but I am pretty sure that it will be longer than the one we are on. My final plan is to have a solid, homogenized, art style for the entirety of the second arc. With support, I am willing to bet it will work out.

Have a great weekend!


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