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An increasing number of athletes and body builders are now using Andarine to reduce the amount of fat and build lean muscle. The supplement is considered to be a SARM or selective Androgen receptor modulator. Health supplements such as Andarine or S4 are very much beneficial these days to an athlete who is on the lookout for new methods in order to gain strength and increase his stamina.

S4 supplement works by attaching itself to a AR or Androgen Receptor. This in turn will influence the way in which the supplement reacts. The Androgen receptor in the body reacts with certain chemicals and this in turn makes it easier for a person to work out in a better fashion. A second type of chemical that works on androgen receptor is the AR agonist. The chemical will bond itself to the receptor, detach and will again rebind to it several times during the course of taking this supplement. This in turn causes the receptor to get activated and it also increases the effectiveness of the supplement. Some of the natural varieties of AR agonist is the testosterone. Human made versions of this compound helps in supplementing the body’s natural supply and this in turn works to move the AR receptor to the next highest level.

A SARM like Andarine or S4 is nothing but a third chemical which is known as AR modulator. This chemical attaches itself to the AR and changes its structure in a number of ways. This compound is designed to augment the effectiveness of testosterone and other related AR chemicals.S4 does not increase the size of breasts and does not affect the production of testosterone after stopping the use of this chemical. It does not produce any liver damage and it reduces the risk of hepatitis.

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