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While we are all told what we should do when buying a home, there are some common mistakes which people seem to overlook in their advice. The Park Colonial gives you details, solve the problems and guide you to avoid them. By reading the content below, you will be sure to turn your home buying experience into a positive journey.

Problem: You bought your home and then realized the neighborhood is less than spectacular. At best, there just isn’t access to the services you need, like a grocery store or laundromat. At worst, it is a criminal hotbed where you can’t leave the house at night. Always investigate the area around any house you want to buy both during the day and at nighttime as well. Come back on weekdays and weekends to see what is going on. Drive around to see what sort of stores and other organizations are operating nearby. Get a good feel for the neighborhood before you even entertain the idea of buying a home there.

Park ColonialProblem: You fell in love with a house only to find out that you can’t get approved for a mortgage high enough to buy it. You are out your down payment and remain homeless. Always get pre-approved for your mortgage so that buying a home within your price range is a piece of cake.

Problem: You bought a house only to find out you grossly overpaid. Your real estate agent said nothing because he got a huge commission thanks to your mistake. Don’t pick the realtor with the flashiest ad, instead choose someone who is recommended to you by family and friends.

Problem: The house was staged beautifully when you looked at it, but now that you have moved in your own furniture, you’ve realized that the layout isn’t functional. Maybe you have someone with a disability in your family who is expected to climb the stairs to go to bed, or your family is quite tall but the kitchen appears to have been built to cater to elves. Test out the home by performing the actions you would if you lived there, such as pretending to wash dishes or considering where everyone would sleep.

Problem: You were pre-approved for your mortgage, so you have enough money to buy the house, but when you got down to completing the paperwork you realized that there are huge closing costs associated with the deal. Now you don’t have the money you needed to do renovations upon moving in, buy furnishings or even pay for the moving truck! Research all of the costs associated with buying a new home, from repairs to renting a truck to the closing costs, to be sure that your budget allows for all of it.

Now that you know what not to do, go forward and investigate buying a new home. You will be likely to make fewer mistakes now that you know the worst situations to avoid. That will leave you with the home of your dreams at a price you can afford, and that is the most positive outcome you will ever find.

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