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The abbreviation of BitMEX is Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange. BitMEX is a peer-to-peer trading platform which does not handle fiat currency as it handles only bitcoin. It is specially for the leverage contracts and it allows trading of customers with high amount of leverage. It is the first exchange to launch a perpetual contract. It has an access to the global finance markets and built by professsionals over 40 years of combined experience and it highly offers supporting tools.

Top 3 Best bitmex signals Provider:

Its very hard to find the bitmex signal provider which are legitimate. Because most of the bitmex signal providers are scammers, so one must be cautious to choose the best bitmex signal.Some of the best bitmex signal providers are


Cryptonizers hired a professionals of around 9+ years of experience which are equal to forex traders. They give the detailed information of current market prices, ups and downs etc in a clear way. Cryptonizers give a high level of professionally detailed signals that the others won’t provide. All information such as how to place trade, what percentage got out of that trade and when that trade closes etc, they explain accurately. In order to start working with bitmex, one can get a bitmex starter kit provided by cryptonizers, This cryptonizers gives video analysis of trades and various strategies which are helpful for beginners. An advantage of cryptonizers is that they will give constant trading updates until it gets over.


This signal provider also gives the clear information about trade market but the user must have a technical knowledge as it provides the signal which are technical in nature. It sorts out and gives professional technical charts for analysing. It is used for both short-term and long-term trades on bitmex. It provides full support to plan an action for margin trading and leverage trading. One might need all relevant information about trade and this infocrypto charts provide all information. Since they are transparent in nature, the success rate it provides is really high.

Verified Crypto network:

Almost all traders expect the information on when to buy or sell to achieve profit. Verified crypto network (VCN) provides clearly this information and gains attention of many users. Another notable feature is that the education it provides to the subscribers. It is a news platform that makes the trader to keep updated what is happening with Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies on market. This will provide a minimum of three important updates on daily basis. Because of their incredible growth it has been proved that atleast 50 subscribers will join this news channel daily. It supports around 1500 altcoins and other cryptocurrencies on its platform. This VCN starts its new on netherlands and transfer to other places in order to reach all its subscribers.

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