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Espresso is a favourite coffee of thousands of people across the globe. It has a unique taste and this makes it all the more interesting. But in order to make espresso, the coffee beans should be grounded into a fine powder. There are various coffee bean grinders available in the market. Each of these Manual coffee grinders can produce coffee powder of different consistencies. One should choose the grinder that produces coffee powder of the required consistency for brewing espresso. There are multiple espresso coffee grinders available in the market today. Some of them are

Baratza Virtuoso – This coffee grinder is built using black plastic and steel. Hence it is inexpensive compared to other espresso coffee grinders. The Baratza Virtuoso is strong, easy to use and is also easy to clean. It produces a uniform coffee powder grind too.This coffee grinder is worth its price. You can easily understand this if you go through the reviews that the device has received in the recent past.

Mazzer Mini – The Mazzer Mini has Swedish hardened steel burrs that in turn offer a steeples grind adjustment. Due to this reason, you are able to select perfect granularity for the machine which in turn is essential to brew an ideal cup of coffee or espresso. It also comes with an adjustable porta filter doser which in turn helps you to adjust the grind according to your preference. It is little bit expensive and is not often seen in homes as they are better suited to be a commercial coffee grinder for a small café or restaurant.

Kitchen Aid Pro Line – This grinder is made of Black steel and hence is worth the price. The carafe and hopper are quite spacious and are made of transparent plastic. The machine has 15 grind settings and it grinds coffee beans very well.

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