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Everyone loves to watch movies. It has also become easier to watch movies these days. Thanks to the advent of internet. Previously only a small section of the society could only afford to watch movies in theatres. But it is not the case now. Any person who has access to a good internet connection can watch movies. People need not spend a lot of time or money to watch a movie. But before watching a movie, one should know about the movie that they like to watch, the genre associated with it etc.

Most of the times, people are in a dilemma when it comes to choosing a movie. Every year millions of movies are produced across the world. One cannot only depend on awards to choose a movie. This is where search engines like 123movieshub are helpful. There are dozens of movie recommendation engines which are strewn all over the web. Some of these help you to choose a movie based on your likes or dislikes. Many others do not require any inputs at all and is best for people who do not have any knowledge about the movies. Some of the best movie search engines are

  • Netflix – This popular movie portal shows a list of movies based on individual preferences,. A person is asked to rate the next movie of his preference once he finishes watching a movie. Using this data, the person is given information about the next movie to watch. This is not much preferred by people as it has many duplications in its results
  • Rotten Tomatoes – This site provides you recommendations based on the genres, actors and the type of movies you like. There’s a lot of variability in the quality of Rotten Tomatoes recommendations but it’s also a nice way to find the right film for any mood.
  • Movielens – This is a great website which even though does not have a great layout, provides you recommendations on the basis of ratings you have given to films beforehand. The site is considered to be better than Netflix and is preferred by many for the same purpose.
  • IMDB – IMDb is a popular and one of the best movie search engines available online. It provides recommendations on the basis of the movies you search for. It’s a great way for people who don’t have time to rate movies to find some films worth watching. The recommendations are considered to be very good and apt for a person’s tastes.

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