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Here is the real Page 54!

Doctor Scott has her strung up, and we are learning about Alice’s mysterious past. What happens next? You may have an idea, since you’ve read ahead. Let me know what you think. I miss your comments.

So, I have news, as always. We are doing a fantastic job with Extra-Life. Our initial goal as a group was $200. Not even a week in, we bumped it to $300. Now, thanks to all the marvelous support, we are bumping it to $600! We are already to $500, so we believe we can make another $100 in the next 24 hours! Keep those donations rolling in.

Finally, I wanted to announce that I am thoroughly in business. I am the owner of a freelance Private Investigation team, consisting of myself and one other. I am launching an advertising campaign next week and will need your support once again. Stay tuned!


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