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Game designing is entirely a separate field like film making. While designing a game you need to look a number of aspects and consult different professionals to approach a quality game which gives a good business. With the advent of microprocessors personal computers became common and this resulted in increased demand of video games. Nowadays, 3-D games are having high demand in the market as the graphics and processor speed is improved.

Before designing the game you first need to develop the whole idea piecewise. Basic designing steps are discussed below:

Constructing an Idea of the Game:

While designing a game, the first step is to develop a new idea. Just like in film making, you need a story. You must come up with a new idea which can be transformed into a story form divided into different stages. Then do assign goals to the relevant stages.

When you are constructing your idea do keep it in mind that your scenario is different than other games already in the market. It must not be a copy of existing ones. You can take ideas from sci-fiction movies and can use their characters after having permission from the authority of that movie. Other than movies, you can also take idea from real life games and can also work on a game based on your dreams.


After completing the first step, you are ready to start the practical work of outlining the entire story. The most common method used is storyboarding. In this you are required to create sequential drawings of all the possible levels you need to have in your game including a drawing representing the goal arranged at the end. Each storyboard must be provided with a description of 1 or 2 paragraphs.

Designing Game Universe:

This is the complex stage while designing the game. Here, you need to write each and every detail of the game. You have to explain each part briefly to help user entirely access the game and play it well. You need to describe the character of the player in the game, the number of possible players who can play, number of enemies or opponents and different views of games (side, top, 3-D) as well.

Design Document:

Once you are done writing the whole designing task, you need to develop a design document that contains the detailed story and script of your game. Although you can add new and improved features while designing your game, but it would be better that you go for a consistent model of your game in your hand before practically implementing it. This helps you create a flawless piece of art through your streamlined ideas.

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