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Invisalign or invisible braces as they are commonly known has now emerged as the most preferred choice of cosmetic dental treatment. Even though invisalign treatment is costlier compared to the regular braces, it is preferred by some people especially by those who are constantly under public spotlight. The treatment is much suited for celebrities, models, actresses etc.

Nowadays, the advent of social media has made everyone image conscious and this is the reason why many teenagers and even adults are opting for invisalign. It is undoubtedly a great option for people compared to the metallic braces. Invisalign Arlington is very much popular thanks to dentists like Mark C. Marchbanks who have expertise in the procedure. One can get more details about this dentist from the website The procedure has its share of advantages. Let us have a look at them

Advantages of Invisalign

  • Better Appearance – Invisalign braces are not noticeable and the wearer will appear as if he has not worn any braces. This definitely creates a better sense of appearance compared to metal braces which may make your face look unattractive until the braces are removed.

  • Comfortable – Invisalign Arlington has emerged as the preferred choice as the wearer can remove it while eating or drinking and he can even clean it periodically which is not the case with metal braces.

  • Less Painful – Even though invisalign braces also cause pain initially, it is comparatively lesser than the metal ones. Metal braces have sharp or protruding edges and they also apply a lot of pressure to straighten the teeth which in turn makes them painful.

  • Treatment Duration – Invisalign Arlington treatment usually lasts a maximum of 2 years .But metal braces can take as long as five years to straighten the teeth.

  • No surprises – In case of metal braces, dentists are usually unsure of the treatment outcome until the braces are removed. But in case of Invisalign everything is computerized enabling dentists to figure out the accurate treatment duration.

  • Invisalign treatment requires fewer doctor visits compared to the conventional treatment using braces.

  • With invisalign ,one can eat whatever he wants unlike regular braces where one is asked not to eat popcorn, candy and chewing gum which have a tendency to stick to the teeth

  • No cavities – Unlike braces, invisalign does not cause cavities as there is less chance of sugar accumulation around the teeth.

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