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Kids learn things very fast. In fact, their mind is like a sponge which absorbs all the information. They also have the ability to take in a large amount of information compared to adults. The number of connections of neurons in a young child’s brain is very much greater than that of adults. Children go through phases of learning periods. That is the phase during which, they are very much sensitive to the information. The early experiences especially with toys have a significant role to play in their all round development. Hence one should choose toys for children at this age that can maximise their cognitive development.

Children are made to believe from a young age that boys and girls are different. They wear different clothes and even play with different set of toys. But the truth is vastly different. It is a ploy employed by toy companies to make profits. They make children to believe in the idea of gendered colours, personality traits, clothes, careers etc. through which toy companies put pressure on the children to fit in into their particular gender.

These toy companies create feminine toys with excellent appearance and attractiveness and they are also made to be visually appealing .The feminine toy is also rated on the basis of its encouraging nurturance and domestic skills. Toys for boys on the other hand are designed to be aggressive competitive, violent, exciting, fun , dangerous, risky etc. A separate set of toys were considered to be neutral and hence are the best choice of toys for kids. These neutral toys encourage the development of scientific, spatial and intellectual skills and are hence better than feminine toys.

Playing is extremely important for the all round development of a child. Parents should take steps to keep children away from electronic gadgets and should instead introduce them to various types of Best educational gift for children,games and even toys.

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