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Private Investigator companies have mushroomed all across Melbourne over the past few years to cater to the growing demand. This rise in demand for private investigator services can be attributed to the growing population. Melbourne is considered to be one of the best places to live in the world. As a result, many people are now migrating to Melbourne from all over the world. Increased internet usage has led to a raise in computer related crimes. Even to check this, private investigators are hired in cities like Melbourne. Some of the prominent private investigator companies in Melbourne are

Private Investigator Companies Melbourne – this one of the top rated companies in Melbourne. It has an excellent team of investigators who are well versed in the fields of surveillance, phone number searches, background check, bug sweeping, locating a missing person etc. They also specialize in catching cheating spouses or other people.

Detective services –This Company has a great team of investigators who conduct a thorough investigation to discover the truth. hey also specialize in debt collection, matrimonial and domestic cases, tracing missing persons, surveillance cases, background checks and employment screening, insurance investigations, Debugging or hidden camera detections, fraud investigations, internet or computer related fraud investigations, undercover operations, employee misconduct and workplace theft, and multiple other customized services.

Precise investigations – This Company located in Melbourne works to ensure that the clients are satisfied with the services. They provide assistance in the field of surveillance investigation, debugging or bug sweeping, finding the missing person, background checks, child custody matters, cheating partner investigations, online dating enquiries, phone data recovery, domestic internet forensic investigations, insurance investigations, employment screening, debt collection, process serving etc.

Lyonswood investigations and forensics – The company has an experienced team of investigators who provide services in the field of surveillance, missing person investigations, background checks, cheating partner investigations, computer and phone forensics, legal and business investigations, family law investigations, signature and handwriting analysis, bug sweeps and multiple other services.

Elite Investigations – Elite investigations is a private investigator agency that provides an entire range of private and corporate services at economic prices. One can use the live chat feature that is available on the website to get in touch with the team of private detectives. They provide several investigation services such as surveillance, cheating partner investigations, teenage activity investigations, drug or alcohol or gambling investigations, missing person investigations, corporate surveillance, employee background checks, workplace theft investigations, statement taking, scam protection etc. They also provide assistance in the field of debt collection, background checks, process serving, security etc.

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