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Yamaha NP 12 is quite an economical keyboard in the range. It has a wonderful minimalistic design which is quite helpful for beginners and amateur players to immediately start playing on the piano. The simple design has only ten buttons which are laid out neatly on the surface of the keyboard. Other keyboards in the range usually confuse users with its vast collection of buttons, sliders, knobs and wheels. It is very easy and one can quickly find the power button on this device. The keyboard switches on immediately once you turn on the power button which is another great feature of this device.

It comprises of just 61 keys and this makes the instrument quite compact and easily portable. This makes it a very good choice for beginners and for players who are looking for easy ways to transport the keyboard. But it is not suitable for seasoned players who might as well miss out on several keys. It can run both on batteries and using power. It has a 12 V power adapter and can also run on 6AA batteries.

The NP 12 piano sound is sampled from a Yamaha Grand Piano. The sound is very crisp and it further has two organ sounds. One of them is a smaller reed organ sound while the second one sounds mostly like a pipe organ. Electric piano sounds on the other hand are very well designed. One great thing about this yamaha digital pianos is that you can layer two sounds together, so placing the strings underneath a piano can help in providing thick tones. It has a button called Vibes which is the short form for vibraphone. On using this button, you get a wonderful mallet like sound. It is also very much clean and crisp unlike a lot of other vibraphone sounds.


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